Socialist Girl from rally a couple weeks ago – m4w – 27 (Madison, WI) Date: 2011-04-07

I had to really scour the internet to find this. From April 2011 when I was still in Madison, this is a Craigslist Missed Connections I wrote. It got quite a few responses and reposts. Probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written, haha. Even a Wobbly I met in Wisconsin and who also lives in Minneapolis got ‘class snuggle’ tattooed on her. Just to clarify, I swiped that phrase from an anarchist in Chicago.

Those that know I wrote this, ask me if its based on a real person. I always said no, but it was sort of based on two females, one who tabled for Socialist Alternative, and the other, heavily involved in the Autonomous Solidarity Organization. But it was mostly written for amusement.

I’m not sure if you’re from Madison or out of town, but I’ve seen you a couple of times since February 14th. We’ve made eye contact, and the several times we have, your eyes seem to say “Let’s ditch this liberal AFL-CIO dominated rally and go take over a workplace!”

If only, compañera, if only.

I thought you should know that every time I see you, it’s like the proletariat has violently overthrown the bourgeoisie and at last ruptured from capitalist society into the arms of freedom and liberation. I dream someday we shall be hand in hand, side by side at the barricades, or perhaps on a factory council together.

Never mind it seems as if you were part of a counter-revolutionary Trotskyist group. It’s easy to be drawn in with the wrong crowd. Sh*t, when I was a kid it was gangbangers and ex-cons, so student authoritarians aren’t that bad. In fact, as allergic I am to the newspaper in your hand, full of advocating for the defense of ‘deformed worker’s states’, I know that $2 is worth every penny, if it’s spent with you describing the contents of The Party’s line. Your voice could make secret police and gulags an appealing option.

Every day I hope you come across my number from the sheet I signed-up on, and call me, asking if I want to know more about the class snuggle.

Yes, dear, I do.


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